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Mango butter, refined *NEW - BioAromatica
Mango butter, refined *NEW - BioAromatica

Mango butter, refined *NEW

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Botanical name: Mangifera indica 

Ingredients: 100% pure Mango butter from seeds

Aroma: Very mild

Description: This Mango Butter is soft, pure and produced by cold extraction from Mango seeds. The texture of this Mango butter is soft, grainy and it melts in contact with skin. 

Use: In lotions, moisturizers, lip balms, soaps, hair conditioners. The ideal ratio of the Mango butter in skin care products is between 5-20%.

Mango butter is rich in Vitamin E and A, well known with it's moisturizing properties, antioxidant and emollient. Due to the powerful benefits for skin care, it is used in making moisturizers, lotions, lip balms and hair care products.

Recipe Whipped Mango butter :  In a double boiler heat Mango butter to 180 F/ 80 C and maintain it on this temperature for about 30 min. When done, cover it and allow fast cooling in the fridge. After about 10 - 15 min when butter is solid, whip it with the stick mixer, by adding slowly about 10% of Rosehip or Baobab oil. Add essential oils of your choice. I love Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Helichrysum Italicum (Everlast). Enjoy all the benefits of this beautiful body butter. Your skin will never be damaged or dry if you use it regularly. 

Origin: India

Package: 500 gr / 1.1 lb or 1 kg / 2.2 lb or 5 kg/11 lb