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Carrot Herbal oil organic (macerated / infused in Baobab oil) - BioAromatica

Carrot Herbal oil organic (macerated / infused in Baobab oil

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INCI; Daucus carota                                                                                   

Carrot herbal oil is rich in the fat soluble β-carotene which is the most well-known provitamin A carotenoid. β-carotene is the component responsible for giving Carrot infused oil its rich red/orange color as well as its therapeutic benefits.

This herbal oil is made by infusing organic carrot root into organic Baobab oil. 

The Herbal oil is not an essential oil and it is a safe oil to use topically either combined with other carrier oils and butters or by itself.

Beta carotene is the precursor for the provitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for the skin and promotes healthy tissue formation as well as protects the skin from ultra-violet radiation. beta-carotene also exhibits antioxidant activity, deeply hydrates the skin. Rich in vitamin E use it to revitalize and calm the skin. Ideal for oily and acne prone skin but due to its calming and rejuvenating properties it can be used for any skin type.

Use: topical applications, massage oil, serum. 

Package: 30 ml / 1 fl oz or 60 ml/ 2 fl oz