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Bathroom Scrub - BioAromatica
Bathroom Scrub - BioAromatica

Bathroom Scrub

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Use the power of the Nature with BioAromatica cleansing products. Safe for people, planet and pets. Sparkling clean bathroom sink, tiles, bathtub. Can be used to clean kitchen sink and tiles. 

Ingredients: BioAromatica soft castile soap, Sodium bicarbonate, Arrowroot powder; Essential oils: Lavender, Tea-Tree, Orange, Lemon;

Direction for use : Spread 1 tea spoon of the bathroom scrub paste on the surface you are cleaning, with the sponge. Rinse with warm water, dry with cloth. This is 100% natural product safe for the environment and powerful anti-microbial and antibacterial cleanser.

Package: 180 gr/ 6 oz or 300 gr/ 10.6 oz or 600 gr/ 21.16 oz