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Carrier Oils, Use, Benefits, Type


    Carrier Oil is a term given to base oils that dilute essential oils before topical application, as the latter are much too potent to apply directly to the skin.

    Carrier Oils are derived from vegetables but many are pressed from seeds, nuts, or kernels.

    Carrier Oil is a vital aspect of an aromatherapy massage or a natural cosmetic, as it can affect the benefits and usefulness of the essential oils.

    Each Carrier Oil is comprise of different components that exhibit distinct characteristics.

    For centuries carrier oils have been used in therapeutic skin and har treatments;

    Choose oil that suit your need.

    Blend different oils for the best result.

    Don't avoid thick or heavy oils like Tamanu, Neem, Shea butter, Cocoa butter. The scent is stron but the benefits are even more powerful.

    Use them in moderation. Test on one part of your skin before applying further.

    Absorption rate matters only if you are heading out immediately after applying a carrier oil on your face or body The oil with the slow absorption rate will be beneficial and absorbed in the skin after a certain time.